An East-Coast native, I moved to Los Angeles to study Sociology and Urban & Environmental Policy at Occidental College. I have now lived in Highland Park for 7 years and I love it.

I am most definitely the product of my food-centric family. I grew up in a household where the experimental culture around food was a necessity – mom was gluten-free before it was cool (celiac disease is no joke), older brother was a picky eater and on Atkins to lose weight, oldest brother was a vegetarian, dad watched his cholesterol, and I was supposedly lactose-intolerant. Though I didn’t necessarily take an active role in cooking early on, I was definitely exposed to kitchen experiments (sometimes gone wrong) and knew that food was something that brought us together.

These days, I live with my favorite cooking partner (and boyfriend), Alex. Lucky for me, Alex also grew up in a family where food was homemade and health was a focus. Shaped by our families, our collective food culture continues to be experimental, somewhat driven by my consistent battle with headaches and stomach aches and a quest for a diet that doesn’t make me feel crappy. Both passionate about the natural world, our food choices and home lifestyle are also very much influenced by our attempts to be more environmentally conscious.

What to expect on Emiesfoodforthought? I’m not a health nut and I’m not a strict environmentalist. I try to be health conscious without being obsessive about limiting any particular food group or counting calories. Alex and I try to be environmentally friendly, but also must make choices based on budget and convenience at times. We’re real people making real decisions about what we can do to contribute to a better society and a healthier planet without going broke or going crazy trying to always be perfect humans. If you can relate to that, follow the blog and stay tuned for my suggestions, recipes, and musings!

More about me?  I play ultimate frisbee competitively, do yoga sometimes, adore dogs always, camp & hike not as much as I’d like, vote democrat always without fail, travel when possible, drink wine&beer (responsibly) as a hobby, watch too much television, and spend a lot of time with my family. And now, I write a blog!



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  1. Jasmine S. says:

    So glad I came across your site! You have so many beautiful and creative dishes!


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