Brewing Booch

Now that Alex and I brew Kombucha, I feel like we have entered a new level in our development as hippy DIY foodies. I think I have a slightly weird complex about it. When I list the things I like doing – practicing yoga, tending to my succulents, baking my bread, going to craft breweries, and now brewing booch – I kind of want to roll my eyes at myself. But what can I say…? This stuff brings me joy!

Alex and I are brewing kombucha together. It’s perfect because he is patient and scientific, whereas I am quick to make decisions and do things on the fly for the sake of experimentation and efficiency.

I first thought that kombucha was a new craze,but I actually read that it has been around forever and has experienced a number of surges in popularity. Right now you can buy it in almost every grocery store and it seems like there are new brands on the shelf every week but it is not a new trend – booch has stood the test of time! Its probiotic properties, low sugar content and delightful tang & fizz have make it a delicious and healthy beverage. It also contains caffeine so it kind of serves as a better-for-you alternative to soda!

Scobys are weird. There’s no way around that. They are yeasty bacteria slimy things (scientifically known as: Symbiotic Cultures of Bacteria and Yeast) that somehow eat the sugar in the tea you feed it and ferment the beverage – giving it the vinegary & effervescent properties that booch is known for. It’s amazing and disgusting all at once. Lucky for us, our brew jar is opaque so we didn’t really see the whole process. Now that I’ve gotten accustomed to our scoby I kind of actually wish I could see the entire thing going down, but it definitely helped soften our introduction to kombucha brewing.


We purchased our scoby online and it arrived quickly, complete with full instructions on how to begin brewing. I highly recommend this. It was wonderful to have a comprehensive guide to get us started. Now that we’ve done it once, we’re excited to start experimenting with recipes, but the simple instructions were perfect for getting us started.

Filtered water + black tea + white sugar + white vinegar + scoby + 7-10 days = BOOCH!

After that initial period of fermentation in your brew jar, you bottle it with any flavoring you want to add and then you seal the bottles and leave them at room temp for 2 days to get bubbly, then pop it in the fridge!

Our first batch yielded 2 bottles full of this delicious drink – and we flavored it with slivers of fresh ginger. For our second brew, we doubled the recipe to yield more (image above) and are excited to experiment with juiced ginger, lemon, and other flavors to find our favorite combos.

I’ll keep y’all posted on how our experiment continues. But for now, I can tell you that making booch has given me the same satisfaction I get from all our DIY kitchen projects…no longer do I have to spend $3 or $4 whenever I want a bottle of booch. I feel liberated knowing that I can make it at home, and you can too. So get brewing!

Next on our list? Sourdough starter…can’t wait!




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