Earth Day on the Daily

Today is Earth Day! Today is a day when many people spend time outdoors, volunteer for environmental projects, or simply take time to honor our planet with thoughts. In my morning yoga class, we focused on grounding ourselves – sending energy to our legs and feet with our breath and poses. My legs certainly feel grounded now…they’re hard to lift because they’re so tired!

Earth Day has become a day for environmental activism – providing a platform to elevate concerns and wishes for our treatment of the planet. But let’s not allow our concerns and conversations about the environment halt after today – there are plenty of things we can do and think about on the daily to ensure we are better stewards of the planet.

While in a college class about the History of Environmentalism, I learned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – an island the size of Texas, completely made of plastic, chemical sludge and debris. It urged me to write an essay about the need to reduce our material consumption throughout our society in order to properly address our problems with waste. (Perhaps a post for another day).

It also urged me to be more conscious of my consumption of plastic waste that is unnecessary. Two easy things you and I can do to reduce plastic consumption?

  1. Buy a reusable To-Go mug and never leave home without it 
  2. Bring reusable bags with you everywhere you go

My hope is that this is not new to most people. In the state of California, plastic bags are banned in all grocery stores and paper bags cost 10 cents. I see more and more shoppers coming prepared with bags and more people in line at coffee shops with their own mugs and tumblers. What a relief! It’s catching on.

Alex and I always bring our own bags to the store. We never head to the market without our totes and we’re pretty good about stocking our cars with extras in case we make an impromptu run for groceries.


Yet, we wanted to take it a step further. In January, we decided to avoid produce wrapped in plastic. It kills me when vegetables are unnecessarily wrapped in plastic – TRADER JOE’s…cucumbers don’t need to be shrink wrapped!!!!! And while we had grumbled about it for a long time, we never really did anything about it until…We went online and ordered mesh produce bags – amazing! And so easy to do.

Since buying our mesh baggies, we have been careful to buy vegetables from Von’s or Farmer’s Markets where we can more easily avoid plastic wrappers. It’s still sometimes difficult. It’s especially tricky when the organic produce is wrapped in plastic and the conventional produce isn’t. I never know which to choose – pesticides in the soil/water/my body OR plastic in the landfill/ocean! (Any thoughts on which is the better choice? Will research this and get back to you.)

So, think twice when in the produce aisle and make decisions with the planet in mind! Be sure to take your cup when you go to get your iced chai and don’t leave home without your bags (or baskets!). ❤ #environmentalistonabudget






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