Down the blogger rabbit hole

Recently, people in my life have started asking me for go-to meal recommendations and tips for preparing clean and healthy food without a lot of fuss. I like that I’ve gained a reputation for being a healthy but avid eater – not surprising considering I typically pack enough food for 2 people twice my size anytime I leave the house and I consistently talk about what homemade meals I’ve been experimenting with. Anyways,  it made me happy to share ideas with friends and it motivated me to think about starting a blog. The more I thought about it, the more excited I got about the possibility so I started doing a little research about how to get started.

Somebody should have warned me about how crazy the world of blogging is! You wouldn’t believe how many sites there now are, dedicated to giving new bloggers tips/secrets for blogging success…so many ,in fact, that I completely started rethinking the whole idea. Tips for which camera you need to have in order to “suck readers in” with beautiful pictures, suggestions for which platforms to use, do’s and don’ts (don’t’s? dont’s?) of naming your site, what host to use for purchasing your domain name, guides for hiring a web developer. IT’S INSANE!

As someone who does not need another thing to stress about, it really had me questioning the idea of going down this whole rabbit hole of blogging. But anyone who knows me, also knows that once I get an idea in my head its not that easy to put on the brakes and turn around. So after having a mini meltdown about the overwhelming and conflicting suggestions I had read online, going on a run to clear my head, crying a little bit about how frustrated I was, and eating some Girl Scout cookies (samoas, obviously), I decided to stop being an idiot and get my act together. Instead of freaking out over the format, the domain name, the visual appearance of it all, I decided to just get started.

I envision Emie’s Food for Thought as a place where I can share musings about life. For me, a lot of life is about food and fitness…so I anticipate posting lots of Go-To meal ideas, pictures of homemade/homegrown eats, and perhaps motivation for getting outdoors and staying active. But I also look forward to posting about other causes I care about,  things I’m mad about (Trump, anyone?), inspiration I’ve stumbled upon, and other topics I think could be good “food for thought” for any future readers I may have OR if I’m not kidding myself – maybe just the topics I want to write about for my own personal happiness/wellbeing.

So…here we go! Get ready for an imperfect blog filled with random musings, mediocre pictures and un-gourmet but tasty recipes – since unlike the “Blogologists” (AKA people who now are full-time bloggers because their awesome pics tricked readers into thinking they pooped rainbows), I’m not trying to quit my job so that I can blog 100 different complicated recipes that make oatmeal more exciting. Welcome!

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